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The reason so many people get a bail bond is because it is much safer to wait for your trial date from your home rather than in jail. For most people that are arrested, the bail amount is way to high to come up with at once and a bail bond makes it much easier to afford to get out. Usually, people who are arrested in the city of Chino Hills, they will be taken to the Chino Hills Police Department, which is located at 14077 Pevton Drive Chino Hills, CA 91709.


At the Chino Hills Police Department, the defendant will have to complete the booking process before he or she is released from jail on a bail bond. The booking process could take several hours if the jail is packed with inmates who need to be booked as well. The police will book each inmate in the order that they were brought in by the police and will be given a set of jail attire to put on. Anything they have on them will be put in a safe place for the time that the defendant spends in the jail.


The first step of the booking process is adding all of the inmate's information into the San Bernadino Sheriff's Database for future reference. Once that is completed, the defendant will be taken through the fingerprinting process, which is done via the Live Scan Machine. This machine is directly connected to the Department of Justice and is used to check if the inmate has any outstanding warrants. When you contact one of our agents at Bail Bonds Chino Hills, he or she will contact the jailer to get the booking process status. He or she will then meet with you so that you could fill out the paperwork for the bail bond.


Once the inmate is cleared for bail, one of our agents at Chino Hills Bail Bonds will turn in the bail bond as soon as possible to ensure that the defendant gets released in the quickest time possible. When the defendant is released, the agent will then explain the entire situation to the inmate and then hand one of you a receipt that will contain all of the court information the defendant will need for his or her court appearance.


Whenever someone is arrested, it is vital to bail them out of jail as soon as possible so that he or she could await his or her trial from the safety of his or her own home. The longer an inmate remains in jail, the more danger he or she is exposed to. It is then important that you choose a trustworthy bail bonds agency to handle this process. The bail bond process could become very confusing if you do not know what to do in this situation. When you search for a bail bonds agency in the city of Chino Hills, you will get hundreds of listings of bail bonds agencies promising you that they are the best in the area and may even promise you a discount on the bond.


Any bail bonds agency that promises you a cheaper price than other agencies is lying to you because the state strictly mandates the price of bail bond and has set it at 10% of the original bail amount. It is illegal for any agency to charge anything different than the 10% of the bail bond. Our agents will never try to mislead you, but will explain your situation to you and will give your options for pursuing a bail bond. Our agents are some of the most trained agents in the industry so that we could guarantee you that you will be dealing with the most professional agents in the area.


We are also extremely careful when hiring a new agent, so that we know for sure that he or she will be up to the challenge of providing the best customer service while still getting the bond done as quickly as possible. Our agents will make sure that you completely understand the bail bond process and your responsibilities regarding the bail bond before pursuing any further. Our agents also understand that the 10% of the full bail amount could still be too much for you to come up with all at once, which is why we offer our clients the option of setting up a payment plan to pay off the bond. If you choose this option, then one of our agents will meet with you to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget, but still pays off the bond in an acceptable amount of time. This option may require some form of collateral depending on your specific circumstances. So hurry and call one of our agents so that we could put your mind at ease and get your loved one out of jail as fast as possible.


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