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how bail bonds work


When you get a phone call that your loved one has been arrested, you should know that they will most likely be taken to the jail that is closest to where your loved one was arrested. If the defendant was arrested in Chino Hills, then they will most likely be held in the Chino Hills Police Department, which is located at 14077 Peyton Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709. When your loved one arrives at the jail, he or she will have all of his or her personal belongings removed and put away in a safe place for the remainder of time that he or she spends in the jail.


This is a safety precaution that every inmate that arrives at the jail will have to go through. The jailer is the person in charge of entering all of the information of every inmate into the database, which will include the defendant’s name, date of birth, etc. This is so that if the inmate were to ever get arrested again, the police will already have all of his or her information and prior arrests. Once all of that information is entered into the computer, the inmate will have his or her photo taken to match a written description.


The next step in the booking process is the fingerprint scan, which is done with the LiveScan Machine. This machine is directly connected to the Department of Justice and will notify the jailer whether the inmate is wanted in any other agency in any other state in America. No bail bondsman in the state of California will be able to bail out the inmate until he or she has been cleared for bail. However, while our agent at Chino Hills Bail Bonds waits for the defendant to be cleared for bail, he or she will contact you with a time and place to meet in order to fill out all of the preliminary paperwork for the bail bond.


The paperwork is simple and the bondsman will make sure to explain it all clearly to ensure that there is no confusion on what your responsibilities are for bailing out your loved one. When the defendant is cleared for bail, our bondsman will immediately turn the bond into the jailer, who will verify that all of the information in the paperwork is correct.


After the jailer has verified that all of the information is correct, he or she will then release the inmate from jail. Once your loved one is out of jail, our agent will explain to the defendant all of his or her responsibilities, then have him or her sign some paperwork, and then will hand one of you an official bail bond receipt. The receipt will contain all of the defendant’s charges and court information. It is extremely important that the defendant shows up to all of his or her court dates in order to stay out of jail.

how bail works

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